Simple To Communicate

Sharing with those who matter most is the heartbeat of the Kinly app.  Everything you share within Kinly is private and visible only to your Kin. Share the moments that help you stay organized, and the ones you want to remember.  All photos, locations, and comments are all visible via the timeline — all private, and all stored for your Kinship to see forever.


Shared Photo Album

A single place to share and collect photos, from the whole Kinship. Take a photo, share it on Kinly, and it’s stored in the shared photo album – accessible by all in your group.



Save (and share) the information that matters most; allergies, medications, favorite restaurants, clothing sizes, you name it.  If there’s information you need on the go about your Kin, save it to Kinly and rest assured it’s always there.



Ever wanted to know where your family is?  Kinly’s whereabouts map allows you to see where all family members are at any given time.  All you need to do is Check In, and your Kin can see you on the map.


Instant Notifications

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people and we’re on the go constantly.  By simply checking in on Kinly, your family will be notified with a message and a mini-map.  Never again will you have to wonder… “Did Donny make it to Steve’s house ok?”


Built with love of connections

Kinly was invented and built by GoKart Labs; a team of digital innovators from Minneapolis MN with a passion for making the big wide web small. Frustrated with social networks getting bigger and bigger, the team at GoKart Labs thought there was a better way to manage the connections that matter most — Kinly was born. Read the story behind why it was created.